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Nov 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT
. and to try to make sense of elijah muhammad's teaching of nation of islam, i've talked about it in terms of identity being self-esteem and relationship as being empowerment, and that's what african-americans needed because of being marginalized, being pushed aside. does that make any sense? >> well, it comes home very clearly to me. >> yeah. i'm saved! >> yeah, that's what it was all about. it was all about getting us to feel better about ourselves, putting more value on ourselves as human beings in the human family, and finding new relationships with the blacks as muslims. now, in this new idea, what islam is, or what a muslim is, you know, and that made us feel powerful. and the more numbers we got, the more powerful we felt, and after a while, we felt too powerful- we felt more powerful than we really were, and we were doing things that caused trouble in the society of america. >> oh, fire away, virginia. >> my question will be about the children. do you find that taking the children young and giving them your faith that they in turn will be good examples as they grow and in turn help
Oct 31, 2012 7:30pm PDT
'm talking with dr. aasi at the american islamic college. dr. aasie, you're a professor here, but you also have a very strong religious role in this community, don't you? >> yeah. i basically represent different communities and conduct services at different places. but my definitely profession is as a professor of historic religion and of islamic studies. >> okay. in our study of religions, you can almost pick up any introduction to religion book and you find the five pillars of islam is usually the way it's presented. but coming from a devout muslim, could you explain the five pillars of islam to us? >> yeah. these five pillars basically are- there are two aspects of- that we just call the five articles of faith, and then the practice of that faith comprised into the five pillars of islam. and the first pillar of islam, it is called shahada- it means bearing witness to the truth- and it goes like that, that i be a witness there is no god but allah, and i bear witness that mohammed is his final the last messenger. now this is a kind of confession out of credal formula, in a sense that anyb
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the larger middle east and the islamic world as well. he spent some time there were years at the united arab emirates is a research at the emirates under four research and wrote a voluminous study of the issue of the three islands that are occupied by iran. and they became occupied on december 1, 1971. one of the three islands that the iranians occupied was smaller than the ship or naval vessel that occupied it. it has been a controversial issue ever since. it was part of the united arab emirates policy. doctor thomas mattair. >> thank you very much, john. i look forward to doing this. i appreciate the invitation. i especially look forward to it because i don't have to make a formal mark. i think this is a very well-chosen topic in a very well-chosen panel. because we are about to have an election for the presidency. whoever becomes president will have a very important decision to make. we should evaluate how successful we have been and what shortcomings need to be corrected. the reason the panel is well-chosen is because you're going to hear certain point of view on this topic. they obviou
Nov 8, 2012 7:30pm PST
for it and not to convert to islam under the pressure of poverty or lack of promotion, they must have a personal relationship with god- sacrament first or agent first- there is that living experience. the coptic church always puts emphasis on repentance, and repentance is in your life- one turns his back to sin and his face to god. so i think that they have that beautiful link between a person and christ under the pressure, and with the teaching, even if it is not as clear as protestants bring up justification by faith. >> see, that's a very remarkable spin on being a minority in a country with a dominant religion. as our conversation went on, he was saying something along the lines of, "you americans who are christian, you don't appreciate your christianity because it comes so easy." here- and he went on and on about this in a wonderful talk after we were off camera- there's a huge pressure, and has been since the entrance of islam into egypt. you know, here in the seventh century, there's incredible pressure to convert to islam. you could still be a second-class citizen, but you don't have the
Nov 6, 2012 9:00am PST
of a cultural tradition- judaism, christianity, and islam. and so what we- we have an extraordinary opportunity, and something like a great risk. i'm surprised david ainsworth, our executive producer, hasn't come out and read this e-mail message i sent to him about three days before we're ready to go on this journey. we planned it of course for several months. we're talking about a crew of at least six people- a lot of preparation, and of course, at the time when we were set to go was one of the worst possible times in terms of the tension; you know, again, another flare-up between the united states and iraq. and i had just heard on cnn, which i finally stopped watching that the state department said, "americans, don't go here- do not go." and i wrote david this teary, ethical letter, actually saying, "my responsibility as a parent seems to keep me from taking this journey." but i was serious. i mean, i really wrestled in terms of responsibility, ethical patterns of action, because we were hearing some very frightening things about the animosity over there. when we got there- i mean, the tenden
Nov 30, 2012 2:30pm PST
-- an egyptian draft constitution that gives the central role to islam in state affairs causes tens of thousands of protest. >> the german parliament approves billions in loans and guarantees to save greece from bankruptcy. >> with more and more shoppers seeking out handcrafted and traditional gifts, germany's famous christmas markets struggled to keep up with the demand. tens of thousands of egyptians are out protesting against president morsi at this hour after an islamist-led assembly raced through the approval of a new constitution, a move to end the crisis. >> the document is based on sharia law. critics say it ignores fundamental democratic principles and marginalizes the nation's large christian populations. it has set the stage for conflict in a more increasingly divided nation. >> opponents of the president are outraged at the document adopted by the assembly. protesters are maintaining a vigil, and demonstrations are growing. critics warn that egypt is fast becoming an islamic state. >> hosni mubarak never divided the egyptian people. now, there is president morsi, and we do not know i
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am PST
of the halal food and restaurant. a cute and nice place. >> reporter: a new type of islamic culture has also opened. -- islamic hotel has also opened. features prayer mats and signs pointing to -- it has copies of the koran available. the hotel is located in front of a mosque and boasts a halal restaurant and prayer rooms. the building is decorated with islamic designs to appeal to muslhusbanmuslim muslims. >> translator: since we opened this islamic hotel last year, the number of guest is increasing. we can support muslim tourists 100%. >> reporter: thailand is a mostly buddhist country. but in phuket, nearly 40% of people are muslim. tours of islamic sites are gaining popularity. the island has areas built by ancient fishermen nearly 200 years ago. bringing alcohol or pork on to the island is strictly prohibited. everything served here is, of course, halal. >> this is in the middle of the beach nshs the middle of the sea. >> translator: we welcome all travelers. any nationality, religion, or cultural background. providing various halal services for muslim travellers is a must for us. >> re
Nov 28, 2012 7:30pm PST
of islam or a culted break-off. they think of themselves as a new revelation, a new religious movement. and they're - they are a religious group that very much like gordon melton has intimated, speak about unity and interconnection between various faiths. so let me do the roll in here and just see what you have to think about it in terms of some of our typologies. so the bahai faith. >> the bahai faith began in 1844 in what is now iran; it was then persia when a young man who took the name of the bab declared that he was the one who had been sent to prepare the way for the promised one of all ages. the promised one that all people and all religions had been waiting for. he said that, that would come about by 1863 and that he was, primarily though he started his own religion called the bÁbi faith, his primary mission was to prepare the way for, as he said "he whom god shall make manifest." in 1863 after the bab has been executed by firing squad in 1850, bahÁ'u'llah whose original name was mirza hoseyn 'ali, declared that he was the one promised by the bab. he did this in the city of b
Nov 20, 2012 1:00am PST
floors were struck again. one member of islamic jihad was said to be killed. that's confirmed by israeli and palestinian sources. a lot to tell you about. here's what the day looked like. >> reporter: day six of the battle between hamas and israeli defense forces. day six rockets crisscrossing the border. despite efforts to broker a cease-fire, the spector of the israeli ground invasion is still very real. this strike occurred around 2:00 a.m. when we were live. also two media centers -- whoa! that was a rather large explosion. that occurred -- let me just look out here -- i can't actually see where the impact of that was. it's actually set off a number of car alarms. but that was probably the largest explosion that we've heard just in the past really in the past hour. >> reporter: by daylight, the results of that strike were clear. and this is the result of the explosion that we witnessed last night. it's the police station or a police station in gaza city. local people say it was still being built, so there weren't a lot of police officers or anybody inside. two people were injured. it
Nov 27, 2012 2:30pm PST
between a secular and islamic egypt continues. >> the muslim brothers want islam as a country. that is their agenda. they are not hiding it. it is not as though they are doing it suddenly or secretly. this is their declared agenda. >> tensions are running high, and there are no signs demonstrators will head home soon. just five months after the president took power, egypt's fragile democracy is facing its first major test. >> for more, we go live to our correspondent in cairo. thousands of people are still out at tahrir square. what more can you tell us? >> yes, there have been at least 16 people injured in ongoing clashes. yes, tahrir square is packed with thousands of protesters that still converging on to the square from various points across cairo. dozens of civil society groups have called for these protests, and today, we see there are members of workers' unions, lawyers, and journalists, people from all walks of life converging on the square. it is actually a really impressive show of unity by the opposition that has been certified of the past month, and that morsi has
Nov 5, 2012 9:00am PST
west that we'll look at certainly in our next class, and the quest for the islamic world to hold off against that and to take just about any measure in that. so it's an extraordinary power- we have to be very careful here because we don't know yet who is responsible for this attack. but we've seen in the name of religion- not to pick on islam by any means- but in the name of most all religions down through history, we've se a tendency to act in a way that can somehow justify spiritually or religiously violent acts. and that's a scary point because when you think about religion, in its most beautiful form- and i hearken back to our look at the experiential dimension and mysticism when we hear these wonderful words like unity and oneness and love and interconnection- that seems to be the grounding of the ethical precepts in the various religions- love your neighbor, be kind, don't harm other people. but for me- and i wrestle with this stuff; you know, i'm not just the talking head up here, i struggle when i see violence done in the name of religion- and i began to think it's- you know,
FOX Business
Nov 22, 2012 7:00pm EST
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FOX Business
Nov 10, 2012 10:00am EST
. the rise of radical islam in the middle east, i cry for the return of sharia law. what it means for them and for us. the author of the extraordinary book. the. ♪ lou: general david patraeus shocked the country today, announcing his resigned as director of the cia because he had an extramarital affair. that affair, with his biographer , as it is alleged, was revealed during the course of an fbi investigation. the fbi was apparently concerned for some time that patraeus may have been the victim of some sort of security breach, although there is no evidence to back up any of those concerns. in a statement to ci staffers today patraeus said he showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in what he called unacceptable behavior. general patraeus will no longer be testifying before a closed-door hearings in both the house and the senate on the benghazi attack. those hearings beginning next week. another cia witness will appear instead, although patraeus can still be subpoenaed to appear. meanwhile, a new defense department timeline shows the first u.s. military unit arrived in libya more than
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
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FOX Business
Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
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Nov 19, 2012 7:00pm PST
. one member of islamic jihad was said to be killed. that's been confirmed by those on the ground. a lot to tell you about, here's what the day looked like. [ sirens ] >> day six of rockets criss-crossing the border. a spector of israeli ground invasion is still very real. this strike occurred monday when we were live at 2:00 a.m. also, two media centers. that was a rather large explosion. that occurred, just look out here, i can't actually see where the impact of that was. it's actually set off a number of car alarms but that was probably the largest explosion that we've heard just in the past -- really in the past hour. by daylight, the results of that strike were clear. and this is the results of the explosion that we witnessed last night. it's the police station or a police station in gaza city. local people say it was still being built so there weren't a lot of police officers or anybody inside. two people were injured, they say, it's not clear who those people were. but the building is pretty well destroyed. it will take quite awhile to rebuild. all day and all night, idf drones fl
FOX News
Nov 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
, the reality is the propaganda arms of radical islam to include al-qaeda are out there saying the americans have been driven out of iraq. we're burned their missions, their diplomats are dead and we can do it again. the recruitment drive among the martyrs, the martyr messages going out through these mosques and propaganda organizations have increased ten fold since benghazi. >> here's the question i have. for those that don't understand what's happening, i say we're living through a period, history will describe it as the rise of the radical islamists. am i right? >> that's why i wrote the book. >> shameless self promotion, but that's what's in this book. it's all there. >> you take us into the future. >> yes. >> this is a future where the nra doesn't exist, a liberal president, and the war beginnings to unfold. >> it begins with a deadly attack that kills americans. it begins with a goflt that lies to its people about what actually took place. israel under the gun and being attacked. we're being told repeatedly that radical islam is no longer a threat, and yet it's all in that book. it's a
Nov 29, 2012 7:30pm PST
and star of islam and then the olm of the hinduism. and then the star of david for judaism and then the yang and yin of daoism and then the wheel with the eight poled path of buddhism. >> and in the center? >> the eternal flame of the search for truth which is the symbol of unitarian universalism. >> now i'm going to get pinned? >> you are going to get pinned. [laughter] >> because you are a professor of religious studies. >> and i can wear this? >> and you can wear this because it's got all of them on it. >> see it's a neutral pin. [laughter] [applause] >> there you are see and that's the end of the lecture. >> thank you. [laughter] >> roll in quickly. just couple of more things. but, thank you helen, there is a couple of reasons we wanted to do that; first off, we needed to hear some thing about the unitarian universalists, but also how interesting helen's reaction i think that, when we're looking at these categories, believers are going to have their own say and where they belong and we have to understand that also, but thank you, this is really nice. the rest of the pre
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
to tackle issues including islamic extremism and poverty that prevent girls from going to school. nhk world's hideki yui has more. >> reporter: 15-year-old malala yousafzai was shot in the head last month by the taliban movement of pakistan. the radical islamic group said girls have no right to education. the teenager is currently in britain receiving treatment in hospital. one month after the attack, malala continues to remain under tight security from the pakistani military. two girls who were with malala and also shot that day describe what happened. >> reporter: the two other girls have returned to school. they were traumatized by the incident but decided to come back to carry on malala's fight for education. >> reporter: people around the world have praised malala's courage. on friday, gordon brown, the u.s. special envoy of education and the former british prime minister, gave his support to her campaign for female education in a speech in islamabad. >> we in the international community want to say to you today that we will support you in your determination that no girl should be prev
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
month. islamic extremists shot the 15-year-old education campaigner, a move that caused outrage among the international community. the incident has exposed the dangers faced by girls in pakistan who want an education. nhk world's cameron masrur reports from islamabad. >> reporter: this junior high school for girls was blown up on november 27th. it was one of many schools in northwest pakistan attacked by militants. the attacks have continued even after last month's shooting of malala yousafzai promised wide criticism. they are thought to be the work of the pakistani taliban. this girl is a student at the school. >> translator: all the classrooms were destroyed. there is nothing left. >> reporter: for now, she stu studies at home, but she wants to go back to school as quickly as possible. no matter the danger. >> translator: islam allows women's education. why did our school get destroyed? education is our right. >> reporter: an angry message thought to be from a student is written on a blackboard inside this school. >> translator: heaven punished those who destroyed our school. we awa
Nov 22, 2012 7:00pm PST
's the best place. it has a lot of halal food, restaurants. it's a very nice place. >> a new type of islamic culture has also opened. this hotel we're coming into muslim guests features prayer mats and signs pointing to mecca. it also has copies of the koran available. the hotel is located -- it boasts a restaurant and rooms. it has islamic designs to appeal to muslims. >> translator: since we opened this islamic hotel last year, the number of guests is increasing. we can support muslim tourists 100%. >> reporter: thailand is a mostly buddhist country, but in phuket, nearly 40% of people are muslim. tours are gaining popularity. this island has an ancient plate built by muslim fisherman about 200 years ago. bringing alcohol or pork on to the island is strictly prohibited. everything here is of course halal. >> we're surprised, the muslim. in the middle of the beach. >> translator: we welcome all travelers. any nationality, religion, or cultural background. providing various haral services for muslim travelers is a must for us. >> reporter: phuket hopes demand from the muslim world will take
Nov 18, 2012 10:00am PST
arm of the southern baptist convention says it will provide meals through december. and islamic relief usa announced it will partner with the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, the mormons, to deliver supplies to heavily hit parts of new york and new jersey. >>> there were sharp words exchanged between china and the dalai lama as the number of self-immolations by tibetans grew dramatically. speaking in japan, the dalai lama called for an investigation into the causes behind t immolations and faulted china for seeing buddhism as a threat. china meanwhile once again accused the dalia lama of glorifying the suicides. at least ten tibetans inside china set themselves on fire in the last two weeks to protest china's policy on tibet. >>> we have a special commemoration today of what many say is the world's greatest work of art, michelangelo's ceiling of the sistine chapel in the vatican. it's en 0 years since that masterpiece was first opened to public view. as lucky severson reports, michelangelo's images have shaped the way millions of people think of god. and they still provoke
Nov 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
. the raid killed a senior miti official in the -- a senior media official in the islamic group. another strike came in down the road. civilians on both sides need a ceasefire. political leaders in gaza and israel want to show that this was worth it. bbc news, gaza. >> there are diplomatic efforts to break a cease-fire. most of the attention is focused on cairo where leaders have gathered. our diplomatic correspondent has been assessing the chances for success. >> both sides point to civilian casualties. israel says it was an upsurge in hamas rocket attacks that force them to respond and protect their own people. israeli attacks have killed more palestinians. hamas says that shows who the real aggressors are in the long- running conflict. the search for a cease-fire is urgent with voices from western capitals calling for a truce. >> i am pleased israel has held back from a ground invasion while negotiations go on and also that the rate of rocket attacks on israel has fallen for whatever reason over the last 24 hours. these are positive developments. it remains a desperately serious and d
Nov 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
. and the president of egypt has played such a constructive role over questions about whether an islamic government could ever deal with israel and bring about an influence on hamas to see a peace process unfold. >> and looking at the details of the cease-fire agreement, it seems that there is an ass of concession. there will be talks on the border crossing (from gaza -- opening from gaza into israel prepare. there have been issues about the gaza plot 80, which has been causing issues with -- blockade, which has been causing issues with finding employment, etc. the big issue is whether you can take these early processes and develop them into a broader middle east peace process. >> do you think you can? >> the irony is for holuba clinton. could she pick up where her husband left off at camp david 12 years ago? could she be the one to eventually move forward the world's longest conflict? >> do you think israel achieve what it wanted with this offensive? >> probably not as much as it would like to have. in terms of taking out certain facilities, military arms and so forth. but it did send a very stron
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
various media groups. two people are killed, one of them an official from islamic jihad rent an office in the building. islamic jihad is a group that israel and the u.s. consider a terrorist organization. regular life in gaza city is pretty much ground to a halt. stores are closed and shuttered. streets which would normally be filled with people are largely empty. most people just try to stay indoors as much as they can, only venturing out when they absolutely need to in order to buy supplies for their families. otherwise, it's just too dangerous to go out. these days, for israelis along the border and residents of gaza city, there is no such thing as regular life. as the battle enters its seventh day, casualties, rage and grief grow on both sides of the border along with the fear that the worst may be yet to come. i'm joined by wolf blitzer in jerusalem, also here with ben wedeman and arwa damon. arwa, yesterday you were at the scene of what was the most controversial attack, a strike on what israeli forces said was a building owned by a hamas official, commander of an artillery unit.
Nov 24, 2012 7:30pm EST
for modest i did during the photosession such a photoshould be required and most islamic scholars grow. i don't think it would be incompatible with equal liberty. however, we also know by now that the face is a very bad identifier. at immigration check point bs, eye recognition and fingerprinting technology have already replaced the photograph. when the superior technology are broadly available and proceed to police on patrol and airports security lines we could do away with the photograph hence with what remains of the first argument. we still need to say a little something more about the variant of the argument that focuses on transparency. i have already begun to reply by pointing to the many content in civic life which we make impact other citizens waving to them along the street. we can add two further points. the first is long standing tradition hold that the eyes are the windows of the soul. contact with another person is thought to be made through eyes than through nose and mouth. once during a construction project that involved a lot of dust in my office, i actually had to cover ever
Nov 11, 2012 7:15am EST
in 1989 for mr. rushdie's novel, "the satanic verses" which was deemed quote against islam, the prophet and the koran. this is about an hour 20. >> thank you very much. thank you. no, and welcome to this evening's conversation with salman rushdie. i want to just begin at explaining that in march of 1992 i interviewed mr. rushdie for the first time. it was near dulles airport. i had to meet a stranger at a hotel bar who would take me to a secret location. i've known by the vacuous carrying a "wall street journal." and we had a lengthy interview, by my standards. and i went back today to read what tom rushdie said in an interview. and what i said introducing him. i realize that what i wrote 20 years ago is equally true today. is whatever. is one thing i like to say that rob salman rushdie, that his hero "midnight's children." that book alone i would want to interview salman rushdie and would probably even go to somatic way hotels and and designated intermediary and then go somewhere else to do it. needless to say mr. rush is no longer famous for simply writing good novels. and this popula
FOX Business
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
for the past 33 years. the government of the islamic republic is not interested in the welfare of the citizens of the it is only interested in survival and it does not mind if the people are suffering under the weight of the sanctions regime and incompetent policies of the government. and of course parasite elements such as the revolutionary guards smuggling diesel and gasoline into iran's neighboring countries. melissa: there is a new report we were just talking about the from the iaea that exports are rising. how is that possible because the sanctions were supposed to stop that? >> because of the colder months in the wintertime we see asian markets are booming. there is more demand from iran's oil and particularly south korea, china, being, very active in the, in the business of importing oil from the islamic republic. melissa: even know they're not supposed to be despite of sanctions? >> china has never been particularly helpful when it comes to sanctions regime. south career has been e accidented from some of those these sanctions and imports of iranian oil because of their energy dependen
Nov 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
take for granted. islamic extremists shot the 15-year-old last month. now people everywhere are finding out what pakistani girls who want to learn have to go through. >> reporter: the junior high school for 380 girls was blown up on october 27th. it's just one of many schools in north western pakistan attacked by militants. the attacks have continued even after last month's shooting. they are taught to be the work of the pakistani taliban. >> translator: all the classrooms are destroyed. there is nothing left. >> reporter: for now my studies at home but she wants to go back to school as quickly as possible no matter the danger. >> translator: islam allows women right to education. why did our school have to be destroyed? education is our right. >> reporter: an angry message taught my student is written on a blackboard inside this school. >> translator: heaven punished those who destroy our school. we await allah's revenge. >> reporter: extremists in pakistan have ataked 700 schools in the past ten years. authorities acknowledge more needs to be done. >> translator: be extremists think i
Nov 21, 2012 11:35pm PST
is a militant islamic party that won the popular vote in gaza. it's gaining popularity in the west bank and does not recognize israel's right to exist. >> translator: how can i accept israel? they have occupied my land. i need recognition, not the israelis. >> reporter: he is a kind of storied figure in middle east, because israel littles tried to assassinate him in the '90s in jordan. >> translator: but god saved me when they tried to assassinate me. >> reporter: king hussein saved you. >> allah saved me. >> reporter: seven years later, he became the head of hamas. in a situation where the palestinians have, for years, seemed to lack real leadership and divided against themselves in many cases, meshaal is thought by some to have aspirations of eventually filling the leadership vacuum left with the death of yasser arafat. he's not as charismatic as arafat, but he is a hero to many. what do you want to do for your people? it's endless war. >> translator: allah has given me a new life, to serve my people. to end the occupation. the settlement ends and the killing ends and the aggression ends and t
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
about the lack of danger from militant islam. killing osama bin laden, the president plays it down consistently. the general would not do that. the president will probably try to find a yes man to send over to the agency so he has one less thing to worry about as he promotes the narrative of increasingly peaceful relations with the muslim world. the ideal contender from the president's viewpoint is john brennan that has followed lockstep with the deceit that mr. obama has hoisted about the american people from the threat of islamic militants have spectacularly misled americans early in the first administration when he said the word jihad to do with military affairs, which is a blatant lie. i think he would be the perfect person for obama, but he was disliked at the agency as an individual. >> how important is the man at the top? >> he is very important if he is serious about the business we do. the agency, increasingly, has bet the forefront of american activity overseas. we are doing things that really belong to the military. we make mistakes, all agencies make mistakes. but under
Nov 11, 2012 1:45pm EST
and how? >> most likely by the fanatical wing of hezbollah, a group known as islamic jihad that comprised lebanese shia who have historically been underprivileged, excluded from the politics and economics of the country, had ideological affinity for the regime. and radicalized by the israeli incursion into south lebanon in the early 1980's. a very toxic makes that led them to take dramatic steps that climaxed in the assassination amount of pressure are was the target? >> because he was an american. not only american, but very visible president of the great university in the middle east. there was no more higher profile example of an american involved in that region than the presidency of a you be. >> the american university, beirut, back in the 1850's, what was a paper like? >> was and still is a multi cultural cosmopolitan city. then and now muslims, jews, and christians all next and co existed to a significant degree. in the american missionary presence was particularly significant in better, and it became sort of a launching pad for creating what became the greatest university in the r
Nov 12, 2012 1:45am EST
of hezbollah. the islamic jihad but comprised the lebanese with shia who had been underprivileged excluded from the politics and economics of the country and our ideological affinity, and he had been radicalized by the israeli persian and south lebanon in the early 1980's. was a very toxic mix that led them to take the steps in the assassination. >> why was he targeted? >> because he was an american and very visible presence in the greatest university in the middle east. there was no more high-profile example in that region than the presidency. >> was the american university put in beirut on purpose that in the 1850's was the root like? >> the route was and still is a very multicultural cosmopolitan international city where east meets west then and now muslims do some christians all mixed into a significant degree and the american missionary presence in the middle east was particularly significant in beirut and became the sort of launching pad for creating what became the greatest university in the region because of this connection. >> could that university have been put in another city and thr
Nov 11, 2012 6:00am EST
, and a method of implementation of a new relationship with islamic- government egypt. it is a whole range of items. secondly and more specifically, initiative related to egypt- israel relations -- there will not be a u.s.-egypt free trade agreement given all the uncertainty in egypt within the foreseeable future. if it is serious, egypt can reap many of the benefits of free trade through a massive expansion of a qiz system with israel. israel would do this deal in a heartbeat and would lower the amount of is really content required as part of the deal. that would require the islamic president of egypt to recognize the benefits of much significantly broadened qic relationships and utter the word publicly -- israel -- which he has not done in his official capacity. a third initiative, repairing a turkish-israel ties. it is overdue and is in our interests and in the interest of both these countries. i know, mr. president, you tried wants to do this and did not succeed but times have changed. syria has happened. netanyahu will be stronger if he gets reelected. after the politics is clarified
FOX News
Nov 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
israel possibly on the brink of a ground war with islamic militants. can diplomatic efforts bring a cease-fire? >> the white house with a message for israel, you have a right to defend your self against terrorists. under attack the mideast. tensions escalating, missiles and rockets fill the air israel and hamas appear to be steps from a ground war. fox reports on the latest from the border between them. >> the white house responds to the bombshell dropped by ecia director david petraeus. he says he sent talking points to the administration saying attack on in benghazi was terrorism and his words were changed. >> why when the cia had it right why were those talking points changed? that is going to be a talk that is going to be ongoing. >> harris: who took out the part about al-qaeda's role? what we are learning. >> also, gas prices, you don't wanna pay. how about this. a gadget to turn any car on the road into a hybrid. one man says he can convert your vehicle into a money saving machine. i'm harris faulkner. mideast on edge lethal conflict stretching into a fifth day. calls forever restra
FOX News
Nov 18, 2012 8:00pm PST
, this is the islamic tactic. i've seen with it my own eyes, major in commando unit in many houses the hamas areas, you have a living room, kitchen, and a missile room, with removeable ceiling. you have a missile launcher standing, move the ceiling, shoot the missile on israelis and could have up. in essence, they are using -- and cover-up. in essence they are using children as human shields. we are being as cautious as we can. when they shoot at my own children we will retaliate, persevere, even if they use human shields. >> naftali it sons the only way to clean gaza out from the terrorism is you have to go in, in a land action. you can't do that all from the air. how close to do you think we are from a ground invasion by the israeli defense forces? >> governor, i think you are right, there's no choice but to enter and clean it up. i don't know what the chances are over the next 24, 48 hours. but i think that at some point we will need to go in. i want to point it -- point out, it is not only a battle between average me and terrorists this is a battle of spirit. we are at the forefront of a big wave o
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